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Mouth Gel

Recommended for the safe and effective relief of:

  • Teething pain in children
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Oral abrasions
  • Burns inside the mouth
  • Painful gums

CONTAINS HONEY: not recommended for babies under 6 months old.

Active ingredients are:

Irish Moss - is a soothing and healing herb that is used to help relieve irritation to damaged tissues.

Benzoin - is a resin with great antiseptic properties (better known for its use in Friar’s Balsam) and is a traditional treatment for mouth ulcers.  It helps to kill infective pathogens whilst stimulating the body’s own immune system to fight them.

Manuka Honey - the healing properties of honey are thousands of years old.  New Zealand Manuka honey is proven to be a superior antibacterial and healing agent.

MyrrhMyrrh has a special affinity for the oral mucosa and this highly resionous extract is included to support healing of local tissue and provide anti-microbial actions. 

Clove Oil - is a traditional treatment for toothache and was used by dentists in temporary fillings.  It relieves pain, is antiseptic and improves blood flow to damaged areas thereby assisting the body to heal itself.

Lavender & tea tree oil – contributes soothing antimicrobial actions.

Natural antioxidant - to help preserve and maintain freshness. 100% made from plants, food grade - safe for internal use.

Thyme Heal’s Mouth Gel is pleasant-tasting and extremely effective.  The combination of ingredients not only soothes mouth injuries/irritations but helps to fight infections and speed up the healing of damaged areas.

Storage Instructions:

Once opened it is recommended you use a clean spatula to extract product from jar and store in the fridge. Use product within 6 months of opening. 

Size: 30 grams - Price: NZ$15.50


Use only as directed 

If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional