Hello! the parcel arrived well on time and the kawakawa ointment is working really well :) so grateful that you are making these beautiful products xx

B. Coromandel, NZ


Feeling so much better after using phyto-oestrogen cream, it has helped me so much! My gp and gynaecologist wanted to put me on HRT but after doing the research I decided against it. So glad to have found a safe and natural alternative

Many thanks Sue, Timaru, NZ




...the healing power of the plantain & comfrey balm is just like a "magical repair kit" to all of my skin sores, cuts, welding burns & leg wounds... I would recommend this to every Health shop or outlet in NZ to sell this great herbal healing product.. It's just such a shame you can not drink it..? :) emm..but maybe i may hide a dab or two into a smoothie shake..:) :)

B.J.Allan, Auckland, NZ


Thanks.  Really appreciate your products. Have been using the Comfrey ointment on my dog after a spot of surgery. The wound has healed up beautifully.

Regards, K. Darby, Auckland, NZ

I have been happily promoting Thyme Heal Products for 10 years and it is one of my best selling therapeutic skincare brands.  We get very good customer feedback and find many of their products fill a gap that exists in the natural therapeutic market.  Particularly successful are Thyme Heal's Antifungal Cream, Calendula Cream, Comfrey Ointment, Phyto-oestrogen Cream and Cough Syrups.

All their products are of a high quality and potency and I have complete confidence when selling them to my customers as I have personally benefited from using them myself.

 Sally Grant, Owner, Bodywise, Nelson, NZ


I have been using Thyme Heal products for approximately 3 years and have always had absolute satisfaction. I love that they are completely natural, NZ made and fresh, which are all things I value very highly. I can use the products for myself and my children, and I always know they are safe and effective.

I have always received excellent service from Thyme Heal and delivery time from online purchases is very prompt. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who also values high quality natural skincare and medicinal products, made right here in New Zealand!

Lisa W, Christchurch, NZ


My husband and I were holidaying in New Zealand and whilst in Nelson I suffered a candida attack.  I bought a little tub of your Antifungal Cream.  I had instant relief after the first application and have found that the cream has made an unbelievable difference.

I do congratulate you on this great product.       

Carolyn, Elanora, Australia

I have had really good results from using your Chickweed cream.  The doctors had tried to heal my foot as if I had athlete’s foot. I was given a box of your products and it gave me instant success…

L.G., Gisborne, NZ


May I congratulate you both on the products which made up the Xmas package which I bought from Maruia.  The Sports Injury Rub has had a short but very useful life.  The brochure which came with the above was most informative.  One can only wish the Health Department would produce such clearly stated advice about “HEALTHY” foods.

 L.J., Wellington, NZ


Customer told health food shop about our Chickweed Cream and she wrote “It sounds magic as she said she had tried all sorts”.                                  

Gina, Manurewa, NZ


I wish to congratulate you on the healing properties of your Calendula Cream and Cold Sore Balm products.  I have found both very effective. The Calendula Cream in particular, it is an excellent healer.

PS I also have your Chickweed Cream and find this very effective for treating skin irritations.  Congratulations once again!                                   

Robbie, Nelson, NZ


“I would like to take a few minutes out of my busy day to thank you for your wonderful products…..”

“It worked wonders” when using Chickweed cream on a 4 month old child when attacked by sandflies.

Townsend Family, Nelson, NZ


Received a gift box of some of your products for Xmas – they have been invaluable to me therefore I wish to do the same for my daughter this Xmas.

 J.F., Auckland, NZ


Delighted to give you a testimonial about your wonderful products:

 I have been suffering from a fungal infection in my finger nails for years - due to constant gardening and contact with the soil.

After trying various potions and lotions, my daughter, suggested that I try Thyme Heal's Antifungal Cream.   It has been a great success.   I apply it morning and night - it feels good and does a very good job.

 I have also enjoyed great relief, when my body is complaining that I have done too much, from Thyme Heal's Sports Injury Rub. It is amazing.   I rub it onto sore/strained places at night and wake up in the morning much relieved from the aches and pains.

 Judy D, Pukekoe, NZ


Thank you for your great products!

Testimonial - phyto-oestrogen cream
This cream is excellent for alleviating vaginal discomfort around the time of menopause.  My doctor prescribed an oestrogen cream and I didn't want to use that after I read the side effects!  It does sting a bit initially, but that doesn't last long and you can feel it getting to work soothing the area.
Very reasonably priced

Testimonial - antifungal cream
Excellent for treating and soothing vaginal and vulval thrush, works fast and reasonably priced.  I've also used it on skin rashes with good effect.

N.S., Brisbane


Having practised natural gardening for 30 years I appreciate and understand the time and effort it takes to make a really good natural product. I personally find the Thyme Heal products excellent and have enjoyed using them for a number of years with no side effects. Keep up the good work as I will continue to purchase and have recommended to many friends and family. 

K.B., Christchurch, NZ