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Cough Syrup

Thyme Heal cough syrup is a high potency full strength formula. It contains herbs that have been used traditionally to help support respiratory function. It may be helpful to treat the symptoms of seasonal ills and chills e.g.

  • Productive (phlegm producing) coughs
  • Irritating and/or lingering coughs
  • Coughs due to chest infections
  • Aiding expectoration

Active ingredients are:

White Horehound - has a long history of use in cough remedies and in old pharmaceutical preparations.  The herb is expectorant, making mucus more fluid and easier to shift, and also stops coughing spasms.  It has been used for all types of coughs.

Liquorice - also has a long history of use for many ailments.  This herb is approved in modern Germany for helping with respiratory problems.  This soothing herb is a good expectorant and anti-inflammatory, being especially effective for soothing inflamed, irritated airways.  In addition it is antimicrobial against both viruses and bacteria.  Liquorice is naturally sweet but contains no sugar.

Thyme - is officially used in Germany for a variety of coughs and has a long history of use similar to horehound.  It has good antibacterial and antiviral activity to add to its action in increasing the looseness of mucus in the lungs making the cough more productive.

Elecampane - is an expectorant, antibacterial and helps resolve coughs. This is another herb that was listed in Pharmacopoeias for its medicinal value particularly in treating coughs.  It helps reduce coughing from all causes.

Aniseed - was listed in Pharmacopoeias as a remedy to stop coughing spasms and help improve expectoration.  It has some antimicrobial action and was used traditionally for all types of coughs. 

Marshmallow and glycerine – are soothing agents on the respiratory tract, reducing coughing due to irritation of the airways.

Thyme Heal’s Cough Syrup helps to resolve coughing effectively by:-

  •       reducing infection
  •       making mucus flow more easily so coughing is productive
  •       helping to expectorate or effectively cough up nasty, excess mucus
  •       reducing dry irritations in the lungs

It can be safely used for all age groups.  Thyme Heal’s Cough Syrup does not just suppress the cough but helps to make it more effective and so aid in health recovery.

Thyme Heal’s Cough Syrup has a pleasant aniseed flavour and is naturally sweet due to the liquorice and glycerine.  It does not contain added sugar.

Made up in a sugar-free marshmallow and glycerine syrup.

Size: 100 ml - Price: NZ$28.50

Always read the label and use only as directed.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.